Brazil is a huge country and I only had two weeks here, so I had to make some choices. I have a friend in Sao Paulo and I knew I was defintely going to Rio, but I thought I could fit in one more city. Originally, I planned to go to Curtiba. The only reason for this choice was because on most maps, that name is written in bold and it’s between Iguazu and Sao Paulo. In Salta, however,  a boy convinced me that if I could only see one more city in southern Brazil, Florianopolis was it. I took his advice and I’m glad I did.  Continue reading


Two Weeks in Argentina

I spent a total of two weeks in Argentina. Unfortunately, I was unable to keep up with my blog during that time, so I will cram everything into one blog post. I went to Salta, Cordoba, Buenos Aires and Iguazu.  Continue reading

Santa Cruz to Salta

My bus trip from Santa Cruz to Salta was difficult. First of all, I had a lot of trouble at the bus terminal to find a company for my ticket. Some companies were saying 450 B, others were saying 400 and all the people selling the tickets were very aggressive. They would pull me into a back room and say “okay, so what day do you want to book? Here´s your seat. Now you pay me.” Fortunately, I´m a little used to this pushiness because of my experience living in Egypt and I could stand my ground to a point, but it was a very uncomfortable experience. I finally negotiated the price down to 330 Bolivianos, which I still considered painfully high for Bolivia, where busses are almost never more than 150. However, because it required a border transfer, the price was much more.

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Santa Cruz

The Bolivian blockades seem to be following me everywhere I go. During my time in Sucre, another blockade paralyzed the city. It was possible to get to Santa Cruz, but for 120 Bolvianos, you could get on the (what was being approximated at the time) 16 hour bus, get out at the blockade, walk two hours, get back on and then still have to bare the always tumultuous road to the East. For 450 Bolivianos, I avoided all this headache and took a flight.  Continue reading